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1994 Wide Body 40



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PRICE REDUCED $225,000!!This is truely a custom built coach,its all in the details!

187,325 miles,3929 engine hours (looks new,runs better than new!)

This coach just went under a very expensive restoration. From engine to generator and everything between.

This coach is staggering to even a guy like me, it has so many special features.

The owner does not want to sell, but sometimes life gives us a challange, make a real offer!

1994 One Of A Kind Custom Built & Custom Factory Painted

Blue Bird Wanderlodge – Body # 105480

The owner says this:

From the moment we sat down together with Jeannette, Ronnie and Mary to begin the process; of building this coach and making our selections one piece at a time, it wasn’t long before each of us realized this coach was unique in so many ways. We had transformed a coach into our coach! From the day we placed our order with Joel Elmore of Buddy Gregg Motor Homes things would be very different, different in more ways than one, we had specified more than 150 items that had not been incorporated in a Wanderlodge Coach before. From the beginning Body # 105480 was destined to be different. For the first time the Wanderlodge factory had agreed to allow an artist to enter the factory and preform his magic along side their highly skilled painters. We commissioned Steve Gann to come up with the design and artwork; his signature can be seen laminated in and among the many layers of paint and clear coats on either side of the coach.

Keyless entry

Custom Built Aluminum Second Step complete with an enclosed shoe tray.

Custom American Flag Pole in a green Sunbrella padded carrying case.

Illuminated doorbell.

Custom airbrushed interior door panel.

Custom off-white Corian step well, trimmed in art glass & polished brass.

Inlayed with Fabrica dark green carpet, with Indirect Tube Lighting.

Beveled Mirrors and Clear Lucite Illuminated Grab Handle capped off by Polished Brass Fixtures; together provide that “Positive First Impression”!

Polished Brass Hardware and accent thought the coach.

Off-White Corian Counter tops thought the coach.

100 Song Musical Horns with driver and passenger controls.

Heir Exterior Windows have been re-glazed.

Glass Shower Surround has been re-glazed.

Window Screens set of three with two wiper screens.

Sony surround sound processor.

LG Blue-Ray Disc player.

40” Samsung Living Room Smart TV.

Off-White leather steering wheel and custom off-white pin striping on the spokes.

The most impressive drivers cockpit in the motor home industry. The dashboard and the overhead gauges are all custom pin striped in off- white. The dashboard above and below lights up, you have the ability to adjust the brightness individually for both.

Kenwood equalizer, radio and CD player.

Five New Kenwood Surround Sound Speakers in the Living Room.

Two New Kenwood Speakers for the CB Radio.

Two New Kenwood Speakers in the Bed room.

New Amplifier in the Bedroom for the TV Sound.

Compass and outside temperature in the rear view mirror.

Transmission retarder * Jake Brake.

Twin Primus LP Fired Boilers thermostatically controlled firing as needed in a closed loop to maintain a constant interior temperature. The controls for the primus heating system are above the drivers left shoulder straight up. The thermostat center position is equal to approximately 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Each of the five interior blowers has individual blower controls inside the coach; two in the living room, one in the kitchen, bathroom, and the bedroom. There are two blowers in the basement of the coach that have their own thermostat to control the blowers, maximum temperature setting of 55 degrees in the basement.

HWH automatic leveling jacks.

Generator auto start.

Tow vehicle brake monitor.

Heart inverter controls.

Holding tank pneumatic dump controls inside & outside with Wye valve function when appropriate!

Heated & remote controlled outside rear view side mirrors.

Electronically updated 5 speeds Allison transmission

Sony surround sound processor.

LG Blue-Ray Disc player.

40” Samsung Living Room Smart TV.

Detroit Diesel 500 HP silver series 8V92 twin turbo with twin chrome roof exhaust stacks including a new blower, new twin turbo, new air compressor, new fuel pump.

Detroit Diesel 380 diesel fuel processor.

K & N Air Filter.

New Electric Auxiliary Air Compressor.

Two New Air Chucks one on each side, that allows you to couple an airline.

Pneumatic Bulk Oil Injection System with a 5-gallon (Rotella OR Chevron 40W Motor Oil * ONLY*) oil reservoir. NOTE: Rotella & Chevron 40W Motor Oil Is Not Normally Available In Truck Stops.

Engine Compartment Diesel Fuel Pump complete with a Dispensing Nozzle. used when changing the diesel fuel filter is required.

Power Tech 17.5 KW Generator powered with a Kubota 4 cylinder Diesel Engine, telescoping out from the front of the coach.

Current Mileage as of 1/16/2019 is 187,325 miles.

Current Engine Hours as of 1/16/2019 is 3,929 hours.

Sony B&W rear view monitor.

Drivers cockpit has a Remco transmission pump control. (center Pin)

Cobra slide out 40 channels CB digital Radio.

Rear Roof mounted Strobe Fog Light.

See the images of the driver’s cockpit; there are a few things that you must do yourself Before Attempting to Drive!
EXAMPLES: Check to be sure that your Tow Vehicle is hooked up properly/ Check all Fluid Levels / Are your turn signals, brake lights and headlights functioning in both locations/ Check Tire Pressure levels / Have you Completed the Unhooking of your Water, Sewer and Electric? / Have you raised the Hydraulic Jacks?/ Have you raised your Suspension and Tag Axel ? / You will have to develop your Own System and Check List of the things you must do before releasing your parking break and pushing the transmission function button as required!

On the right side of the drivers seat there is a slide out tray with 2 cup holders that slide side ways from one another. Below that there are 3 drawers. The bottom drawer has a hinged shelf and a fold down front. Under the bottom drawer there is the first of two electric heaters that are individually thermostatically controlled. The second electric heater is in the bathroom and blows out from the center area underneath the closet.

The drivers and passenger seats are both new Villa Custom Built with electrical functions up, down, forward, backward tilt both seat bottoms and the seat backs have heat and lumbar support. The passenger seat has an electric leg and footrest and it swivels inward when desired. Upholstered in off white Ultra Leather; as are the living room sleep sofa, the Ekornes Chair and it’s matching Ottoman and the Ell shaped dinette: equipped with an electrical slide in & out dining table.

Tivoli tube lighting around the inside of 7 living and dining room windows, under the front edge of and around the living room table, along the floor running from the front and down the aisle to the bedroom where two runs one on top, the second underneath of the Gold Art Glass 6” wide border, that wraps the side and the end platform for the New Queen Sized Twin Air Mattress by Comfort- Air; it comes with it’s own remote control. Important Note: Do not exceed four thousand feet in elevation without lowering the air pressure Left and Right in both air mattresses to 20 pounds of air! Note the GREEN DOT at the four thousand foot level on the Altimeter located just left of the center in the drivers overhead dash; that is your warning cue to lower the air pressure in both air mattresses!!

The 146-gallon Fresh Water Tank and the Hot Water Heater are located under the queen size bed platform. The Fresh Water Fill Switch for the fresh water tank is located outside where the 50AMP electrical cord is; it reads “Tank fill”. If you Forget to turn the “Tank Fill” switch to the “OFF Position” after filling up with fresh water the Water Pumps Will Not Pump Water into the coach!

There are Two Fresh Water Pumps on board. Both are switched from inside the cabinet above the Microphor Electronic Toilet in the bathroom, Pump: “A”= a 4gpm Water Pump “B”= a Variable Speed Water Pump capable of 4 to 6 gpm or Both water pumps can be used together as needed? Once you have selected the water pump you want to employ; there are 4 Places you can turn the fresh water pumps on and off. One is above the drivers head in the overhead dash, Second is in the kitchen galley control panel the Third is in the cabinet above the toilet and the Forth is outside in the hand wash bay.

The 100 gallon black water tank is located directly beneath the toilet outside in the black water holding tank bay (ROADSIDE). The dump switches for both the black water tank and the grey water tank are directly above the black water tank in the Panel with an air pressure gauge and 3 individually marked switches accordingly! The 100 gallon grey water tank is located directly below the shower and tub drain it is outside in the grey water tank bay (Curbside). There is a second location where the same three holding tank “DUMP” switches are located. At the drivers seat on the left hand side down near the carpeted raceway just below the rear view side mirror controls. CAUTION: BEWARE BEFORE USING THESE AND THE OTHER SET OF 3 HOLDING TANK DUMP SWITCHES! THE WYE VALVE DUMP SWITCH WILL OPEN AND DUMP EITHER OR BOTH HOLDING TANKS ON THE GROUND!!! NO MATTER WHAT YOU MAY HAVE HOOKED YOUR SEWER HOSE UP TO; EVERYTHING WILL BE DUMPED ON THE GROUND!!!!

In the kitchen there is a new double sided Kohler sink, dispose-all, fitted cutting board, constant hot water dispenser, soap dispenser left, a hand lotion dispenser right; in the center there is a hot and cold water faucet by Kohler. There is a Sharp Carrousel Microwave Convection Oven and a Two Burner LP Gas Stove on the left side of the sink. There is a Built in New-Tone Blender and Food Processor Center, in the counter top to the right of the sink. The two fold down panels in front of the kitchen sink are both Galley control panels. Each of the switches in these two-galley control panels are well labeled and user friendly.

The kitchen has a Dometic side-by-side Royal Designer Series Refrigerator and Freezer the casing is not new, everything that makes the refrigerator cold and the freezer frozen has been replaced. The gaskets are new the shelves were powder coated in white. The control panel located at the top front is new. The appliance will function with electricity or on LP Gas.
The polished porcelain tile floors are new inset with art glass laid on a Wonder Board backing that is both mudded and screwed down to the plywood sub floors laid in a diamond pattern, the same diamond pattern was sewn into the new Villa drivers seat and passenger seat. One of the main fabrics selected has the diamond pattern in it. Around the bed and on the curtain valance in the bedroom this material has been used with a layer of batting and decorative brass tacks making it tufted providing for an elegant appearance!

The walk thru bathroom has a large enclosed tub and shower combination the door into the facility is etched with orchids. There are two showerheads one of them is fixed and the other is hand held. All of the bathroom hardware fixtures are of high quality polished brass and gold anodized aluminum. The toilet is electronic and functions like a normal toilet. The vanity is off-white Corian it has a polished brass faucet and plunger; with a top drawer and lower cabinet. There is a large closet with two sliding mirrored doors. Inside the closet at the bottom there are four drawers. A portion of the left side in the closet is a cedar shoe cabinet rear and in the inside door front is a fragrance cabinet. The clothes bar runs from side to side within the closet. Lights come inside the closet when either door is opened. The room is well lite with three separate light fixtures. There are 3 custom made pieces of brass and copper artwork on the bathroom walls. There are two custom decorative bath towels and four decorative hand towels made to match the bedroom and living room décor.

The bedroom is very well adorned with beautiful fabrics in pleasing shades of light green multi colored print quilted bedspread. A custom gracefully shaped valance. The curtains are electrically operated from over your head while lying in the bed and made from a more formal appearing fabric with a black out backing. A second set of bedroom curtains come with the coach and made the same as those installed, but in a solid light green color with the curtain hooks already installed in them. The bedroom floor is of Fabrica dark green plush carpet laid on top of a luxury padding, providing a wonderful feeling underfoot. Originally we purchased enough tile to tile the bedroom as well and decided not to; this tile and the bag of color matching grout come with the purchase of the coach. The lighting in the bedroom can set the mood, or you can lie in bed and read a book or watch TV add in the valance task lighting to see to vacuum the carpet. The control panel overhead can turn on the aisle lights, lock the front door, turn on floodlights around the outside of the coach along with a panic button that sets off an outside alarm siren and your alarm clock. There is a rear off-white Corian counter top and two like side tables and a built in radio. Behind the two Orchid etched beveled mirrors is second sizeable clothes closet. The bedroom 27” Samsung TV and the living room 40” Samsung TV are connected to the roof mounted and automated 18” satellite dish. Connect your satellite receivers for Direct TV and you will be able to enjoy your favorite TV broadcasts.

The Air Ride System from the Air Bags themselves to the Ride Height Valves to the Pilot Control Valves and the Clippard Air Valves have been Replaced. Coupled with Special New Shock Absorbers together with Two New Air Compressors provide for a ride rarely experienced by most motor home owners. With the aid of a Steer Safe; steering the coach in high winds or god forbid in case of a front tire blow out the Steer Safe, will prevent the steering wheel from being snatched out of your hands. The ride is safe and soft taking you straight down the road! With a fuel capacity of 300 gallons of #2 diesel fuel you can cruise for days traveling the highways thru ought North America!

The basement bays are organized with slide out trays for easy access to you belongings. There are 2 New 50 lb. Refrigerator and Freezer Combination Units on a slide out tray that can be used with EITHER 12 Volt Power OR 120 Volt power; This means if you want to take one of these Cooler/ Freezers with you in your tow vehicle on a day trip you can! The hand wash bay located on the roadside of the coach allows you to wash your hands after fueling the coach. There are two ball valves inside the bay directly behind the hand wash bay that allows you the option of shutting off the water supply if you are in an extremely cold climate, preventing the possibility of freezing the water fixtures. We spent 90% of our time in extremely cold weather as professional wildlife photographers. The coach allowed us to accept assignments that others could not, we were able to be on location anywhere in North America in less than 10 days, and stay on location until we fulfilled our assignment. Should you decide that you would like a television outside in the center bay curbside you can; as all of the wires are already there, taped to the ceiling in the bay, we too had a TV and a sound system in center bay curbside originally, later we found a better use of the space and after removing the television etc. we had drawers built in, to store camera parts and other equipment.

The deep high gloss paint finish is like no other in the industry! This coach spent 52 working days in the paint and clear coat stations inside the Wanderlodge Factory. With eighteen men and our commissioned artist working 8 hours minimum per day five days each week. There were a couple of weekends during the time our coach was in the paint booth that the artist worked alone preforming his magic while Ronnie, Barbara and I laid on new rolls of carpet watching Steve Gann preform his magic adding depth to the overall paint scheme. It wasn’t until the factory painters began the clear coat process that we began to see the detail and depth Steve had added to the overall paint scheme. There are seven systems of clear coats at 7 ½ gallons of clear coat per each of the seven systems. A complete wet sanding of the coach was done after each of the seven clear coat systems had been applied. The artist worked thru two systems of clear coats adding more depth and gleam each time. Once all seven systems of clear coats were completed the factory paint crew began the laborious process of wet sanding and polishing the finish down to the Ultra High Gloss Paint Finish you see today! To put on the final touches we added 24 carat gold plating to the wheel hubs, caps and to the lug nut covers! The 4 window awnings and the large patio awning all have new canvas and are made by Zip Dee anodized in gold; high lighting and providing the finishing touches, for one of the most unbelievable paint jobs ever attempted on an assembly line, factory built coach!

Access to the EZ-Up roof patio, railings and matching green canvas Bimini Top; is thru the Bomar Yacht Hatch located in the center of the living room ceiling. In a single motion the perimeter gold anodized railings are up! There are four numbered gold anodized quick pin released braces that secure the railings in the up position. Once that step is complete one can begin to remove the Bimini Tops matching travel cover simply by unzipping and putting it to the side before deploying the Bimini Top itself. Once you have raised the Bimini Top there are four straps, one at each corner, that are to be connected down to the top gold railing itself, once that step is complete you then need to thread the Long Piece of White & Gold Rope thru the welded eyelets on the inside of each of the vertical railing support legs, tying first one end of that rope securely off, and each of the vertical railing support legs, tying first one end of that rope securely off, and begin toward the opposite end of the railing pulling the rope taught as you go until you reach the opposite end of the rope and then securely tying it off too! Check the steps to be certain the four braces and the eight quick release pins are in place and that you have installed the White & Gold long length of rope properly by threading it thru each of the eyelets on the inside of each of the vertical railing support legs securely tie off one end first working your way to the opposite end pulling the rope tight as you go then tying that end securely off, and your done! WARNING: THE ROOF PATIO IS NO PLACE FOR CHILDREN! YOU CAN BE SERIOUSLY INJURED OR KILLED FALLING FROM THIS HEIGHT!!! THIS IS A VANTAGE POINT FOR ADULTS TO VIEW AN EVENT!!!

The Two New Air Spoilers at the front of the luggage railings; are Custom Made of Fiberglass. The Large Roof Pod is also New and it too has been Custom Made of Fiberglass and lined with a commercial grade of carpet to greatly reduce the risk of condensation inside the roof pod. The smaller and lighter weight roof pod is where the 4 roof patio braces in their custom sewn matching green canvas case is kept. There is a set of tools and spare parts for the roof patio also in a custom matching green canvas case kept in this roof pod. There are a set of 4 weather proof military grade stereo speakers with long wire harnesses; two speakers per male plug, one plugs in, inside the small roof pod the second plugs into a weather tight receptacle Curbside rear on top of the coach. They too have custom sewn green matching cases for each of them. There are two custom green speaker brackets, two speakers fit to a bracket if you want the sound to be listened to in front of the coach use these brackets they attach to the forward two sides of the luggage rails, they too are in custom sewn matching green canvas cases; or you will find a series of screws in their screw in inserts on the top edge of either side of the luggage rails. Each speaker has it’s own bracket and they individually attach to a pair of screws on the top edge of the luggage rails. There is a custom sewn dumb waiter and length of white & gold rope that will not scratch the coach lowered as needed to retrieve items to the roof patio from the ground. This pod contains mechanical items of all kinds from spare parts to spare engine filters. There is an 120 volt duplex electrical receptacle inside the small roof pod. There is a roof table over top of the 13,500btu new rear roof air conditioner. The front air conditioner is the equal to the rear air conditioner. The center air conditioner is larger than the front and rear air conditioner and it is also a heat pump. Each of these three roof A/C units is individually thermostatically controlled from inside the coach. Each of them can be turned off and on from the drivers cockpit reach left to the three top switches marked AC Master.

We had our coach completely restored to better than factory specifications for Ourselves! We had planned to continue living on the road for many years to come, no one, us included would have gone to the pains taken effort or expense to turn around and sell the coach after the 4 ½ year restoration process was complete. I died on the operating table. We were out of town by ourselves when my wife of 48 years took me to the hospital. I could not breathe, I needed a simple procedure to make my heart go back into a normal sinus rhythm and I would be able to breath, normal again. The simple procedure went just as the doctors said it would. They did convert my heart back to a normal sinus rhythm and the very next second I was dead, for the next fifteen minutes. My doctors did not give up; they had gotten my heart back to a faint beat. At which time the doctors put me into a medically induced coma, for the next ten days. By systemically reducing the narcotics being fed into my body the doctors awakened me, my wife was at my side as I opened my eyes. During the first two days after the surgery my wife slept on the floor of the hospital until a social worker found her a hotel room, close by. I have had to relearn everything like a newborn baby. Fighting every day for nearly one year now, I continue to be unable to write by hand, but I can type my thoughts into my computer with relative ease, my mind has completely returned. This is the reason that we know our blessed years of living on the road have to come to an end! The Lord has spoken and we are listening to his every word! It is our hope that someone will love this coach just as much as we have loved owning it; and continue to enjoy the coach and the freedom of the open road ahead!

One Owner One Driver, every mile driven has been logged the same is true for all the service work done! The Heavy Mechanical work has been preformed by WW Williams Detroit Diesel Service. For Service Reference Call: Mr. David Coulter at WW Williams Detroit Diesel; Cell # 404-623-4513 in Atlanta, GA . For all other Blue Bird Technical Service Work Call Mr. George Morris; Cell # 478-235-7467 at George Morris RV Service in Byron, GA .

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