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Forward Control (FC)

FC's are front engine Blue Birds, measuring 31’ to 35’ long and have 6 tires. Forward Control coaches are arguably the most coach for the money. Pre-owned units sell for $10,000 to $45,000 which is cheaper than a new Suburban!

These coaches were first built in 1964 and were originally powered by gasoline engines until about 1976 when the famous 300 hp 3208 Cat diesel engine became the propulsion of choice. After 1982, turbochargers were installed which subsequently produced even more power for these coaches. But it didn't stop there. In 1987, intercoolers began being installed which helped to further produce even greater power. The last new FC was built and sold around 1989.

It can't be said enough. These are great coaches for the money.


Single Axle Pusher (SP)

SP's are rear engine Blue Birds, measuring 36' long and have 6 tires. These coaches are powered by the 300 hp 3208 Cat diesel engine and were built from 1989 to about 1991. Pre-owned units can now be found on the market selling for $50,000 to $100,000.

Randy has owned two of these and thinks they are the Corvette of the Wanderlodges. They are simply the best handling Wanderlodge ever built, being quick and nimble, able to handle sharp turns, and have plenty of power. For the family that likes the smaller (36 foot) coach, the SP is a great find.


Pusher Tag (PT)

PT's are also rear engine Blue Birds but are longer than SP's, measuring 36' or 40' (called PT 36 and PT 40 respectively) and have 8 tires. These coaches are powered by an up to 475 hp 6V92 or 8V92 Detroit diesel engine (V6 or V8) and were built from 1982 to 1987.

The PT series are tough looking coaches with chrome bumpers and polished aluminum trim down the sides. Pre-owned PT units sell for $50,000 to $135,000 and are still a great buy for someone who wants their coach to have that classic Wanderlodge look. Built to last and they do!


Wide Body (WB)

WB's are rear engine Blue Birds and have 8 tires. This series was built from 1988 to about 1995 and measures 102" wide vice the 96" of early model Blue Birds. This is 6" wider living space and it definitely shows! These coaches are powered by the V8-8V92 Detroit diesel engine and have 475 to 500 hp with a tag axle, making this series the cream of the crop.


All the Rest!

It's hard to keep up and track all the changes that have taken place with Blue Birds since 1996. There are the 41's, 43's, single slides, double slides, triple and quad slides, Series 60 engines, Cat engines, Cummins engines, LX's, LXi's, 380's, and 450's!

Even though we haven't worked on or been involved with many of these newer models, they're still a Bird and many things stay the same. Whether you have an older model or one of these newer models, we can still sell them!

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