1992 Wide Body 40



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New engine at 112,000 miles,coach has 217,204 miles,engine has 105,000

$58,000,without the trailer ,or $68,000 with the trailer.or MAKE me an offer!!!

This coach has lots of new items,when i get the list i will post it!

Fully loaded and ready for the road,the seller has bought a new house!

Make a real offer! If you want it without the trailer i have someone that will buy the trailer.

MAKE US AN OFFER!!! $58,000 without the trailer,$68,000 with the trailer and all the parts!

The coach has had new brakes,brake drums,air bags and all kinds of other stuff!!
Theres a pile of spare parts too,lug nut covers,light bulbs,all kinds of stuff!!
Make me an offer,the seller has a new home and hes retired from the road,he has a boat now!!

I will add to this listing,but heres a good start.
I have known this coach and its caretaker for a long time,he was a factory Rep for a famous polish company.
He worked at car shows and the like selling those products.
Why am i telling you this?
Have you ever seen a car wax Rep with a dirty car? One thats not waxed to the max?

Here's what the seller says.

This coach has been mechanically taken care of to the max! It is a 1992 and there are a few issues but nothing mechanical! The oil was changed every 3000 miles and transmission every 10000 miles. The engine runs on 40 W and the Generater on 15/40W Generater oil was changed when engine was. The engine hours were not reset when engine was rebuilt at 114K and the hours were not reset then either, Generater has new belt and water pump about 2 yrs ago and a new cooling fan motor about 4 years ago, Coach has newer brakes, drums, air dryer,shocks,airbags ( all but tag axle) all done at same time, no more than 3K on them! All oil, trans oil, filters we always bough the from Detroit. I have about $3000 worth of parts that will go with the coach if I'm not beat up on the price much, other wise I'll sell them, you can call for a list! Things like extra alternater, extra backup new battery charger, extra complete Primus, all kinds of Gen. and engine parts, spare tire fore coach and trailer, have all LED lights, brand new (4) tail lights, 2 sets of sunscreens for coach and trailer. Parts list I should just to long to list, call me if interested!
Things that aren't working
The toilet could use a new kit, Microphor 250, have the kit! 3 neon light could use new ballasts, one dash light is out. BLUE LIGHTS WORK! One bay door needs a new handle, have the replacement part just need to be painted and put on, need or put on a couple mercury switches for bay door locks, have enough new ones to do whole coach, also the coach paint could be touched up in a few places, but it is still the nicest looking 1992 out there anywhere,
Additional information
Trailer was completely rebuilt and painted 4 colors to match, Andrea interior of trailer was repainted and 2 new doors, 1 year ago over 15k spent on it. It is a Wells Cargo! If someone was really energetic , the top could be repainted Silver, some of the clear coat is peeling around the top and could be we the sanded and re cleared!

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