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A division of Dupree Unlimited, Inc. and headquartered in NW, FL, BuyByeBlueBird.com is primarily a Blue Bird Wanderlodge and Blue Bird Motor Coach (BMC) brokering service. We sell pre-owned Blue Birds on consignment as well as help buyers connect with people who are or may be thinking of selling their coach. 

Selling Your Coach

If you are interested in selling your Bird, please visit our Sell Your Coach resource page for more information. If you are interested in buying a coach, check out our inventory and contact us if one meets your needs. Or, if nothing is available that suits your taste or budget, feel free to email us your request. We network with a large pool of Blue Bird owners and chances are someone will want to sell you their Bird.

Wander Lodge Owners Group - Owner's Forum

In addition to providing a brokering service for sellers and buyers, BuyByeBlueBird.com maintains a forum and meeting place and a ready resource for owners and others to conduct research and gather information. Even if you are not in the market to buy or sell a Blue Bird, please feel free to use the tools and resources at WanderLodgeOwnersGroup.com to get questions answered or to just hang out and chat with others in the Blue Bird community.

The man behind the scenes and founder of BuyByeBlueBird.com is Randy Dupree. Randy's lifelong love of Blue Birds began as a simple fascination when he was a young boy. When he was just 10 years old, Randy's great uncle sold part of the family homestead in Florida to a man named Carl. Carl turned around and built a trailer park on the land, selling vacant lots to people after roads and other necessary development were completed. All this took place in or around 1965 and it just so happened that Carl also owned one of the first Wanderlodges ever produced.

Carl's Wanderlodge was used as a mobile sales office to sell the vacant lots and was often parked for months near Randy's home, drawing the young boy's ever growing curiosity of the big and cool looking bus. Although neither he nor his friends were ever able to get a peek inside Carl's Wanderlodge, it was unlike anything Randy or they had ever seen before! After Randy learned to drive, he would often drive by Carl's home just to see the parked Wanderlodge and dream of one day owning his own. Years later, he would drive through Ft. Valley, GA (where Blue Bird's corporate headquarters are located) every chance he got just to see the "Nest" and all the Birds there. He never stopped telling himself that one day he would have one of those!  

Randy is married to his wife Carol. They live in NW, FL and have been lucky enough to own more than one Wanderlodge over the last 28 years.

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For more info on Wanderlodge Motorcoaches go to www.wanderlodgeownersgroup.com