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Located in Amado Az,40 miles south of Tucson,priced at $109,000,freshly serviced and ready for you!

This is the last year of the 43' LXI with the series 60 engine,no DEF,no EGR,500 hp too!

Check out the window sticker!

Come to sunny Az and enjoy the weather in your new Wanderlodge!

Call Randy today,352 538 3435

Model Year & Type: 2003 LXi43
Number of Slides: 2
Mileage: 98000
Maintenance Records: Yes
Fuel (gallons): 240
Fresh Water (gallons): 100
Grey (gallons): 100
Black (gallons): 80
Dash Air Working : Yes
Number of ACs: 3
Heater Type: AquaHot
Appliances: Microwave / Convection
Refrigerator Model: Dometic side by side (new 2017)
Furniture Condition: Excellent
Flooring types: Carpet
Flooring Condition: Good
Window treatments: Day/Night shades
TV Makes, Models & Sizes: Visio 42" front
Satellite type: Surround sound in living and kitchen area
Engine Model: Series 60
Horsepower: 500
Engine Hours: -
Jake Brake: Yes
Transmission Retarder: -
Tire info: Toyo (4 within 1 year) 4 older
Wheel condition: Excellent
Generator Brand & Wattage: 15KW
Generator Hours: 2300
Battery charger info:: 6
Inverter info:: -
Coach battery info:: AGM
Engine battery info:: I believe they are AGM, to sure of brand
Accessory info:: safe
Ventilation fan info:: 2
description: 2003 LXi 43 with 2 slides. 10,000 miles on new injectors, radiator, after cooler, 4 new tires, 50 miles after complete service on engine and generator. Some cosmetic issues on right rear corner but minor (see pictures). This coach has about everything you can imagine and in some cases one or two back up systems, way too much to list here. The original window sticker will help to understand what this beauty came with, it's a pretty amazing coach. Just replaced both windshields. Some extras include: Safe, Musical horn, rear vision camera, tire monitors, joey bed, 2 aux. air compressors, 2 water pumps, lower bay heater, Propane (hook up to the main tank) BBQ, etc.
Things that aren't working: The bedroom slide at the time of this publication is being troubleshooted as it doesn't slide correctly. Goes out well but jerky coming back in, hydraulic cylinder rebuilt 2019. This will either be repaired or paid by the Seller to be repaired at time of closing of sale. Other than that other system status: Shower fan needs to be replaced, a few LED bulbs (2 or 3) need to be replaced, the mirrored door for the hang up closet has been broken at the handle (I will pay to replace that if not done by sale). The drivers side and the main entry door windows are foggy and should be disassembled and seals repaired, a monetary allowance will be made for that repair at the time of sale. The bedroom TV works but we have displaced the remote and therefore it will not function, we will include a 25" TV set for that room at closing of sale.
Additional information : I would love to see the white carpet removed and replaced with hardwood or tile, it still has the plastic cover and as a result is in good shape, but we won't be doing anything about that now. The paint is overall is great shape, there are a few small areas around the slide bases that are chipping and could be touched up, again it can be done easily with an air brush. All the windows are in good shape with the exception of the drivers side and main door window being foggy but no cracks, new windshields. All appliances work great, all of the refrigerator mechanics were replaced in the winter of 2017. Occasionally the air horn decides to blow in a tight turn when the weather is cold, have not been able to track the issue although frustrating it doesn't do it often (maybe two or three times a year) and when it does it is for a short little blast then stops. The Aqua Hot controller was replaced in 2017, the front A/C unit was replaced in 2017, generator fan motor 2017, tire pressure monitors installed 2018. The living room and bedroom slide both have awnings that need to be repaired or even better replaced, someone pulled on the straps and tore holes in them, we got it that way and that has not been as issue for us so haven't worried about fixing them. I can't seem to get the road lights to work, haven't spent much time on diagnoses. The generator does not like to run continually when traveling, it will run but for short periods only and shuts down, it runs and works well when sitting still. Both the engine and generator have been serviced, all new filters, oil, etc. New rear brakes were installed at the same time (10/19).

This coach has the huge shower with seat,a very handy feature as we get more "mature!"

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