1997 WB 42



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SOLD!!!!!!Detroit Diesel S60!


17.5Kw Powertech generator w/new powerhead

Beautiful wood cabinets

Private toilet

This coach has been listed for 40 days,with no buyer?
OK,the coach has no odors inside,no dog smell,no mold,the leaks were fixed before this owner bought it,like 4 years ago.
No smoking,and OK,i always downplay the coach when i list one,i like it when people tell me the coach is nicer than you said!
Its not that dirty,inside is pretty good,i was not wearing rubber gloves or anything when i was in it!
The engine is dirty,big deal.
Yes,it needs a good wash on the outside,its been sitting unwashed this summer!
A single man has lived in this coach for 3 years,hes not a slob,but he is a man!
Its ready to go,and its a great time to go to Steamboat.
Don't be shy,this coach is 3 hours from Denver,i bet theres a shuttle.
Fly into Denver,take the shuttle to Steamboat,drive this coach home.
It has a Jake brake,mountains are no big deal.

Priced to sell fast at $45,000!

Located in Steamboat Springs Co. this 97 Wide Body needs a little TLC, but, it has the right stuff and its all working. Series 60 engine, Aquahot, Powertech diesel generator with new powerhead, 17.5 Kw

Mechanically its ready to go, but theres a few whiskey bumps here and
there on the body. I don't think whiskey was involved, but thats what we used to say back
in the day! Ok, on the bumps and scrapes, its all on the bay doors or below, its not
terrible and with some touch up paint you could hide a lot of it. The clearcoat on the front and rear top is starting to peel, pretty normal.

Inside it needs to be detailed, a good cleaning and it will look good. There has been some water leaks in a couple of places,they have been fixed ,but you can see the headliner is drooping a little, not terrible. The bedroom had a queen bed and someone changed it to twins, now its back to a queen but theres no bedside night stands. Its a dark wood and i kinda liked it, check the pics out.

123,457 miles 2657 hours
Generator hours 2480 (new powerhead has 900 hours)
Steer tires are late 2015
Rear tires are 2013
All tires are Michelins
New Mic/Con oven
Private toilet room

This is a steal at $45,000, its unheard of for a series 60 to sell so cheap, but winter is coming to the mountains and it cost money to heat these things! It has a Overbilt motorcycle rack on the back and it also has a tow bar, the tow bar is pretty worn. The bike rack is like new.

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