1989 WB40



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Price drop!! $40k 450hp turbo8V92,Allison,Diesel generator,HWH leveling system,air ride,air brakes

Make me an real offer!! we want to sell this coach!!

WE dropped the price to $40,000,just because its pink!
But,just look at the paint,its very good,look at the miles,they are pretty low,the genny has low hours,the condition of the coach is amazing for a 1989 model.
Now,back to the pink,just think what a few color changes inside will do,change that couch to a emerald green maybe?
Change the rugs,or add a few throw rugs in a contrasting color.
Add some new pillows.
Add a huge TV in the front upper console,and hide that whole area!
Cover the dash with a carpet pad,it needs to be covered anyway,lots of us have a carpet cover on the dash.
If i could photo shop this i would,but me photo shopping is like pigs singing!
Some of that dash and upper console could be dyed,change the color,its been done before!
Remember,buy a good coach with good engine and good paint,changing the interior is cheaper than paint,or a new engine!!
And this is a deal at $40,000
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