1985 FC 35



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$40,000,Located in Bainbridge Ga,call Randy 352 538 3435

I bought this bus with a bad engine,i bought a factory reman engine and installed it

All new hoses,belts,new insulation,new trans cooler lines,new shift cable,and more.

Generator has been serviced and is in great working condition

Brakes and air bags were visually inspected,everything looks good,new front tires

When we replaced the engine we added an air throttle and replaced all hoses and filters,belts etc.
It has new front shocks,new front tires,new engine,serviced trans,i inspected the chassis and lubed it all up and set the ride
height,the air bags look good and i replaced the generator exhaust pipe.
The paint on this Bird is awesome,it has a roof pod and the top is very clean.
The interior is very nice, I would get it detailed but my detail girls are not working because of Covid.
The floor is wood and looks good,overall a very nice 1985FC.
I have a few things left to do,but all of that can be done in a few days.
Asking $40,000
Call Randy,352 538 3435
Located in Bainbridge Ga 39817

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