1979 FC 31



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A classic Wanderlodge is not for everyone,and its a good thing! Theres not that many of them for sale!!!

This coach is a one owner,well,almost,the present owner bought it from the first owner,so its a 2 owner 1979

Fondly called an FC,the Forward Control Wanderlodge is truely a classic,they were made to last,and with some love,they do last!!

Some people call them "pullers",since the engine is in the front! Cat power,3208,210HP

Even thought the main engine is diesel,the generator is gas,its a newer Honda Generator.

Price reduced by $1000,now $20,995

Heres the story,the present owner found this classic Bird in Fl.
The original owner still had it in his barn.
A deal was made and the buyer drove it to Coachcraft in Ga for some work/inspection.
Coachcraft worked their magic and the owner picked it up and drove it home to Ca.
He had some additional work done in Ca. and some life changes had driven this sale.
So,its road ready,and its the coveted 31 footer that everybody wants!!
Its factory original,down to the shag carpet (some of you may not know what shag is!)
With 210 HP,its not a rocket,but its steady,it will do the job and bring you home,figure on it being a 60MPH bus.
But,when it was built the speed limit was 55!! (remember that?)
The paint will shine up with a good wax job,the wood grain? well,i have seen people use brown boot polish to bring it back,but no promises on that!
I painted that area brown on a classic bird that i have.
Gas stove,gas oven (they do a great job!) and gas heat.
The genny is a newer Honda (starts every time) and it has 2 roof airs.
Its steel,its safe,its tough.
Everywhere you go people will wave and smile!
Air brakes,spring ride,no pesky air bags on this classic!

One more thing,this coach has the
"Blue Box",which has the owners manual and service records from the day it was born.Now thats cool!!
Call me,Randy 352 538 3435
We are looking for the next care taker of this fine machine,will that be you?
I think if you have kids,you can sleep 6.
Look at the pics and call me.
Randy 352 538 3435

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